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Animals Cool

See these cute animals and go “aawww”

See these cute animals and go “aawww” Do you love pets? Do you have pets? Those who own them would know better; their joy when you get home in the


This water slide has a kink at the bottom which is why its different

BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas is a fun place to be but there is something that normal water slides don’t have. There is a kink at the bottom which is

Art Cool

Penguin Mirror created by Daniel Rozin is something you cant miss

Daniel Rozin is an artist, educator and developer from Israel working in the area of digital art.  Rozin creates installations and sculptures that have the unique ability to change and

Cool Design

Check Out These Creative Photo Manipulation Tutorials

There is always a new technique to learn in Photoshop no matter how much time you spend in finding out something that makes you let go of everything else. This


Amazing and Coolest thing to buy on Amazon

What products have you purchased online from, books, accessories..well you might have gone to the extreme and bought these. Well here are some even more interesting and cool stuffs

Cool video

Flower petals exploded and showered over a Costa Rican village

Not all explosions are meant to be eye pleasing but this. Sony’s new advertizing campaign for their 4K Ultra HD TV sets have amused the neighbors by having this stunt and

Cool Photography

Heaven for photographers, coolest of the place to have coffee for others

Even if you are not into Photography, you definitely will love this design of the coffee shop and if you are, you would love to be in there and sip


Legos used to create ‘Lord of the Rings’ Battle

Legos used to create Lord of the Rings Battle GoelKim is a lego enthusiast  who creates this beautiful set of the popularly celebrated battle scene ‘The Battle for Helms Deep’ from


Frightening Shanghai Tower Climb

You may say these guys are crazy but they have done something that drops your jaw and you probably wouldn’t notice. This Shanghai Tower Climb shouldn’t be watched if you fear


Exceptionally Creative and Beautiful Product Packaging

Product packaging plays a major role as a medium in marketing mix. This requires some smart analysis and some anticipation as well. Product packaging shows the brain behind the design