World’s Biggest Selfie Service

World’s Biggest Selfie Service  If you are in Australia or planning a trip then you are in luck. Tourism Australia has set up the service that lets you take selfies

Animals Cool

See these cute animals and go “aawww”

See these cute animals and go “aawww” Do you love pets? Do you have pets? Those who own them would know better; their joy when you get home in the


Experience these festivals to say that you’ve actually LIVED A LIFE

Are you living life to the fullest? How well do you know the world? What is your significant achievement? No, I am not talking about the money you’ve made. Ok,

Web Design

All new set of bootstrap themes

If you are to have or create a website design, the best you’d get is from what bootstrap has to offer. Bootstrap is a framework that enables you to create


Nepal In Pictures after 3 months of the massive Earthquake

Nepal witnessed the most destructive earthquake in recent times on the 25th April, 2015 that killed more than 8000 people and left more than eight millions people affected. Rebuilding and


5 great stories of people quitting their jobs and traveling the world

It takes a lot of guts to do this. Seriously it does, but once you are determined, there is no turning back.  You need to plan your finances, your travel

Art Photography

Treatment of extreme boredom, this will make you smile

Stephen McMennamy, here, has cleverly taken two photographs and arranged then side by side to create creative illusions. These #combophotos are interesting and fun. Every combos have two different photos


This water slide has a kink at the bottom which is why its different

BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas is a fun place to be but there is something that normal water slides don’t have. There is a kink at the bottom which is


These amazing real life illustrations will blow your mind

Rob Gonsales is a brilliant artist fond of creative artwork with optical illusion. You can never guess what next piece of work he’ll come up with. He was a prodigy

Web Design

These are some extremely useful tools to test your sites responsiveness

Responsiveness has hit the web for around half a decade now and no client would want you to pay for not designing a website with this multi-platform feature. There is no